All state officials are ours, we can do anything with them – SB.

“Agriculture officers, Samurdhi officers and Divi Neguma officers are ours. They have to work for us. We use the right we have on them,” says Minister of Higher education S.B. Dissanayaka. He said this in response to a question asked by a weekend newspaper regarding the arbitrary deployment of state official by the government in its election campaign violating election laws.

Speaking further the Minister of Higher Education has said, “We gave them political appointments. They are our people. They have political rights. They work for us. It is not a violation of election laws. Teachers, agriculture offices, clerks development officers village development officers have political rights.”

‘Info Sri Lanka News’ revealed that the presidential election campaign of Mahinda faction has completely broken down and majority of the ministers and MPs avoid getting involved in the campaign. In such a situation state officials are forced to get involved in the election campaign and ministers like S.B. Dissanayaka, who is notorious for his foul mouth, are used to justify the vile acts point out political analysts.

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