LTTE military leader Ram is in Mahinda’s lap.

Ram, the military leader of the LTTE, who had been carrying out atrocities in the Eastern Province even after death of the outfit’s supremo Prabakaran, is actively engaged in Mr. Mahinda Raajapaksa’s election campaign say reports.

Ram gave leadership to the LTTE after Karuna Amman to annihilate unarmed, innocent villagers in the Eastern Province. He established camps in Yala jungles after the war and aimed a series of attacks against innocent villagers in several villages including Ranminitenna on orders from Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, the present leaders of the LTTE, who was hiding in Malaysia then. This has been confirmed by intelligence sections by observing satellite telephone networks.

Once KP became a favourite of Rajapaksa regime many stories were spread regarding Ram, the LTTE leader for the Eastern Province.  Unconfirmed reports stated that he was at an Army camp in Hingurakgoda area.

Meanwhile, former Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, speaking at a press conference held yesterday (29th), said not only KP but other military leaders such as Ram and Nagulan together with several other members of LTTE military wing are with Mr. Rajapaksa and are engaged in secret missions.

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