Was the crash due to a mysterious printing press?

The failure to hold a proper investigation regarding the Antonov craft that belonged to Sri Lanka Air Force that crashed at Kottawa area recently has caused many rumours to spread among people. One such rumour going round is that a mystery printing press that had been at Welisara Navy Camp was being transported in the plane.

The rumour further states the plane crashed due to some issue that occurred while transporting the printing press. Residents in the area say among the pieces of the plane parts certain parts that did not belong to the plane have been found and many had taken them away to keep as souvenirs.

The Antonov craft left Katunayaka Airport and was to land at Ratmalana airport. People in the Weliweriya and Kaduweela areas say the plane flew at a very low altitude. All five officers in the craft at the time of the crash died and it is clear now people’s attention to the crash has been allowed to drown in the presidential election upheaval.

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