Rajapaksas are US citizens; they carry out a contract here.

Those who are in Rajapaksa regime do not want the country to be a unitary state. Gotbhaya, Basil, Dallas, Chandima Rasaputhra do not expect to live in this country for long. That’s why they have houses in the USA. They are US citizens and have been here for 9 years. However, they have not given up their US citizenship. Every now and then they run to the USA to renew their citizenships. They are carrying out a contract in this country. They buy houses in the USA with the money they get from the contract. Their motherland is the USA. That’s why they need Rajapaksa to win the election,” said the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka.

Speaking at a pres conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (4th) Mr. Dissanayaka said, “The presidential election is held against the constitution and laws and regulations of the country. As such, this presidential election is illegal. Rajapaksa contesting the election too is illegal. The people in the country would know how much money is pumped to the campaign when considering Rajapaksa’s ‘dansal’, cutouts, posters and distribution of various goods.

A large number of SLTB buses were used for Rajapaksa’s rally at Anurdhapura. It was said Rs. 25 million was spent for buses when political parties and election monitors questioned regarding the act. The Salgado grounds at Anurdhapura was paved with concrete for Rajapaksa’s rally spending millions. After the rally more millions are spent to remove the concrete layer and grow grass. We ask the people in this country whether it is necessary to spend Rs.70 to 80 million for a single rally by Rajapaksa? President Rajapaksa wastes large amounts of public money.

Also, state resources and state media have been blatantly used for Rajapaksa’s campaign. The state media has been made a party branch of the SLFP. Rajapaksa’s policies are praised and the opposition is vituperated. Now, gradually violence is being unleashed. The stages of the opposition are torched, its rallies are shot at and the people are being terrorized. Yesterday one of our members was assaulted and his residence destroyed.

President Rajapaksa has nothing new to say. His only election campaign is to sling mud at the opposition. This is why he started talking about a Ranil – Maithri secret pact. This agreement is composed by the government, signed by those in the government and published by the government. Also, he is carrying out an eccentric campaign using old stories of those who have left his government. If it is necessary to talk about what has been said, there are many still with Rajapaksa who have told many things about Mahinda. There are speeches made by Keheliya Rambukwella, Weerawansa and many others criticizing Mahinda. This shows the low level Mahinda has fallen to.

Also, the three security forces have been deployed for Mahinda’s campaign more than ever before. They have been deployed for canvassing, pasting posters. Groups of security personnel have been stationed in rented out houses to be used for various campaign activities. Senior offices in security forces have been pressurized to force lower ranks to engage in election campaigns. There have been instances where police officers were used for election campaigns. There hadn’t been instances where the Army had been deployed for election campaign before this. Rajapaksas do not have any morality. Their only objective is to be in power. All laws and regulations in the country have been nullified. Rajapaksas cannot exist without power. As such, all ethical codes of conduct have been abused. However, Rajapaksa cannot avoid defeat despite all such unethical conduct.

Those who were with Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2010 have abandoned him. Many from the SLFP, the JHU, Rishard Badurdeen’s party have left Rajapaksa. Many artistes, those who wrote on behalf of Rajapaksa and a large portion of the whole society now work against Rajapaksa. As such, Rajapaksa’s defeat on 8th January is definite. This is why they are attempting to develop a view that they would win somehow or other. How could they win ‘somehow or other’? People should vote for Rajapaska for him to win. It is evident that majority of the people would not vote for Rajapaksa. As such, the government is attempting to create a doubt in people’s minds. Rajapaksa’s election campaign has completely broken down. The goods, calendars and other material have not been able to be distributed before the election. He has not been able to get his posters pasted. A large section of grassroots level politicians, Members of Pradeshiya Sabhas and other organizations have abandoned Mahinda. The election propaganda machinery has come to a halt. Rajapaksa’s plans have failed.

He has said he wouldn’t go even if he is defeated. He’s trying to deploy the Army to be in power. We wouldn’t allow such a situation. Despite a minority of senior officers is with Rajapaksas for various privileges, perks and position, the lower ranks of the Army is against Rajapaksas. This is why officers of Army camps give us internal information. Despite small operations are carried out, Rajapaksa’s cannot deploy the Army or the security sections to be in power. The people in the country would not allow such a situation. If such a thing happens it would have serious repercussions on politics and the future of this country.

Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero as well as Rajapaksa has said that Rajapaksa could stay for two more years even if he is defeated as the election is held two years before Rajapaksa completes his second term. In which country do they have such laws? Can Mahinda who is defeated rule the country while Maithri who won the election stays at home? The JVP and people’s forces promise to protect people’s right to vote. The people in the country have the right to elect their ruler and the administration they like. Also, to chase away the rulers they do not like. Rajapaksas cannot grab this right from the people.

As such, we tell the people in this country to use their vote without any suspicion. Don’t refrain from going to the polling booth. This presidential election is a very decisive one. Mahinda Rajapaksa will rule the country for another 7 years until 2022 if he wins on the 8th. A family or a clique should not be allowed to rule a country for 17 years. The people will have to shed blood to chase away such rulers if they are given such a long period to rule. Hence, don’t let this opportunity to change this administration go astray. At the polling booth use your vote against Mahinda Rajapaksa. We have already discussed with the Commissioner of Elections regarding protecting your right to vote. We vow to protect people’s vote until the election results are released. We have made the Commissioner of Elections aware regarding suspicious places. Your vote can be protected from the manner the mechanism is set up in the office of the Election Commissioner. As such, use your vote without any reservations. We call upon the people in this country to chase away this corrupt regime on the 8th.”

Responding to questions from journalists Mr. Dissanayaka said, “Steps have been taken to telecast Mahinda Rajapaksa’s programme through all TV channels from 10.00 p.m. to 12.00 midnight tomorrow (5th). The manner Mahinda Rajapaksa has pressurized and threatened TV channels to telecast his programme during the last two hours of the election campaign shows what an immoral leader he is. The common candidate Mr. Maithripala Sirisena had challenged Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to come for an open debate. Having such a debate between two candidates of the presidential election is a good opportunity for the people to know about their policies. However, Mahinda Rajapaksa did not accept the challenge. He avoided the debate saying SLFP central committee would not approve it. If Rajapaska can decide to call the presidential election, to come forward as a candidate, appoint ministers, isn’t saying that the central committee has to approve for him to take part in a debate a joke?

Our party doesn’t have any secret pacts. Only those who like to work secretly and those who have secret agreements talk about secret pacts. We, as the JVP, did have agreements with Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa. They were open agreements signed before the people. Our party has engaged in politics with open agreements. Secret agreements would be relevant to other parties but not to the JVP.

The country could be unitary not only if the land is one. Various communities in that country should live together. It is true that the land was united after 2009. But the people were not united. Separatism could be defeated only when people are united. It is Mahinda Rajapaksa who divided the people in our country. Rajapaksas did not do anything to win Tamil people after the war. Tamils were isolated from all decisions taken by Rajapaksas. Hatred and an animosity were created in their minds. This was displayed in the election to the Northern PC election. 80% to 85% and at some places more than that voted for the TNA in the North. That is the truth. Now there are two centers in the country – Tamil political parties where Tamil masses have amassed and Mahinda Rajapaksa center where Sinhalese are amassed. Hence, the gravest danger for the country is a victory for Mahinda Rajapaksa. He promoted separatism. He divided the people by setting up organizations such as BBS. Rajapaksas need a war. There cannot be an undivided country when people are divided. Hence, the risk of a divided country is when Rajapaksa come back. Tamil diaspora carries out certain maneuvers according to the needs of Rajapaksas. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s effigies are burnt and its advantage is handed over to Mahinda Rajapaksa. The diaspora gets the advantage only if Rajapaksa wins. Also, those in Rajapaksa government would not want this country to be united. Those who are in Rajapaksa regime do not want the country to be a unitary state. Gotabhaya, Basil, Dallas, Chandima Rasaputhra do not expect to live in this country for long. That’s why they have houses in the USA. They are US citizens and have been here for 9 years. However, they have not given up their US citizenship. Every now and then they run to the USA to renew their citizenships. They are carrying out a contract in this country. They buy houses in the USA with the money they get from the contract. Their motherland is the USA. That’s why they need Rajapaska to win the election. Hence, we categorically say the danger is only if Rajapaksa wins.

The primary task of the three security forces in our country is national defense. We ask members of security forces to limit their participation for this primary task and not to mediate in toppling governments, protect the government or Rajapaksa’s rule. This despotic, wrathful regime should be defeated. We ask all members of security forces not to use their uniforms to protect the corrupt government. National defense is not protecting Rajapaksas. Weerawansa had said JVP theory is “There’s the serpent, here’s the rod.” He is right. We thank Weerawansa for admitting that Rajapaksa is a serpent with venom. We ask the masses to use the pole (pencil) to beat the Rajapaksa serpent. We know that Weerawansa is not capable of understanding this simple theory. For, those who say 2 divided by 2 is 0 cannot understand complex political situations. We have a question as to how such people as ministers think about large projects and millions and billions.

Various groups are used at this election to hide impotency of Rajapaksas. Salaman Khan was brought down. Then another type of Nana Patekar has been brought down from kangaroo country. Those moves would not influence the election or will not be relevant to our political moves. The government should be asked why individuals who have been deported from this country are given visa to come back. Also, they should be asked how they could engage in politics in our country after entering with a tourist visa.

The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Ramalingam Chandrasekar was also present.

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