Jaffna High Court allows M T D Walkers PLC Revision Application.

Jaffna High Court on Friday (20) allowed the Northern Power Co (Pvt) Ltd's parent company M T D Walkers PLC' Revision Application to restore status quo with regards to illegal eviction of employees from the Chunnakkam Power Plant. As such, the High Court ordered status quo ante to be restored except generation.

MTD Walkers PLC Director/ CEO Lal Perera. speaking in this regard said "As a Company committed towards the welfare of the people of North, we are glad that the eviction was reversed and our staff is allowed to return to their employment after 10AM next Monday (23 February),"

The Company was hopeful that its generation operation too would be allowed following the request made to the High Court of Jaffna when the case is recalled in the beginning of April.

MTD Walkers PLC – the parent company of the powerhouse of North Sri Lanka – Northern Power Co (Pvt) Ltd announced that If wrong steps are taken pursuant to rumours and sentiment-driven agitation, the issue of ground water contamination in Jaffna would not improve but might in fact aggravate,

“We are very confident that we have not caused any damage whatsoever to the environment in general and the regrettable water contamination issue prevailing in the North in particular. As a socially, environmentally and morally responsible corporate entity of Sri Lanka we have not caused any environmental damage in the past and we would not take any measure whatsoever that will cause even a minimal damage or harm to our planet,” stressed MTD Walkers PLC Director/ CEO Lal Perera, reaffirming the environmental policy of the Company.

“However we feel sorry that with baseless allegations being raised against us, the real focus has shifted away from the root cause or origination of the oil contamination, which could cause severe impediments in mitigating of any future environmental fallout from the contamination. Our fear is that wrong steps taken pursuant to emotion-driven, baseless allegations could undermine efforts to mitigate the Jaffna water degradation issue,” he lamented.

He added that any person who has even little knowledge of Chunnakkam knew about the infamous oil lake or ‘oil kulam’ caused by the destruction of the oil installations located approximately 300 meters away from the Northern Power Plant within the CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board) complex, which had existed prior to even 1987.

“We earnestly appeal to all stakeholders especially our own people of the North, not to be misled by rumours and baseless allegations fueled by parties with vested interests and ulterior motives and patiently wait for the outcome of the ITI-spearheaded independent probe and the rulings of the judiciary.”

“We ventured into the Northern Province during the most difficult period in Sri Lankan history with the sole intention of serving the energy needs of our people in Jaffna. In fact when the one Company selected to build the power plant backed out as the risks were so high, we took this endeavour upon ourselves as a service to our nation having the goal of serving not only the people in the North, but also powering the businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. of Jaffna”

“We wish to reaffirm to the general public and all our stakeholders that the Northern Power Company (Pvt) Ltd along with our parent company – MTD Walkers PLC are always committed towards maintaining the highest standards of corporate ethics and good governance in the best interest of all our stakeholders,” he added.

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