School children used for political project, Minister mum.

A political project carried out by former Minister Kumara Welgama and his son Provincial Council Member Senal Welgama using school children to boost their images was carried out at the Mathugama public auditorium today at 8.30 a.m. School children from all schools in Matugama town in their school uniforms had been made to assemble for the event.

The students were assembled for the event with the mediation of the principals and the Zonal Director of Education. Several parents have complained to the Minister of Education directly by telephone but no measures had been taken to prevent the children from attending the political project complain parents. When the President had asked that school children should not  be used in political events, the Minister of Education allowing such an event to take place is contradicting the ‘good governance’ Maithri administration advocates point out parents.

Former Minister Kumara Welgama carried out his political projects while he was the minister and now being only a Parliamentarian of the opposition he has been allowed to arbitrarily carry out his political projects point out parents and ask whether they voted for Mr. Maithripala Sirisena to see a repetition of  such atrocities.

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