Icelandic Women Bare Breasts For #FreeTheNipple Campaign.

Icelandic women on Twitter are currently embracing the popular #FreeTheNipple campaign that also did the rounds in 2014.

It was all started by Adda Smaradottir, who posted a picture of her nipple on Twitter along with the hashtag. However, she decided to remove it, after a man left a negative comment.

Then things kicked off.

Shortly after, she reuploaded the photo and an army of Icelandic women were right behind her. Within an hour there were hundreds of #FreeTheNipple photos flooding the social media site in support of the movement.

Speaking on Facebook, Adda said:

It was difficult and I had to delete the picture for a few minutes, but it was enough to start a revolution.
Adda’s initial photo…
The response…

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