Mahinda sees threats to his life.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has expressed fears for his life and has said the Government will need to be responsible if something happens to him.

Rohan Welivita, Media Coordinator of the former President said that even though the government provides security for the former President when he engages in social activities, the security is not enough.

At present six security vehicles have been provided to the former President for his security convoy, but the media coordinator says 21 vehicles are required.

There is a fear that the former President, who defeated the LTTE, may face threats to his life from LTTE supporters.

Welivita said that a supporter of Rajapaksa had given him a bus for free on March 27 to use as part of his security fleet but the government has not given him even an official residence. 

(Colombo Gazette)
Report by : Indika Sri Aravinda

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