Major political shock after Vesak.

Parliament will not be dissolved at midnight of April 23 as pledged in government's 100-day Programme and the public instead is very likely to be dealt a huge political shock immediately after Vesak that falls in the first week of May, reliable political sources said yesterday.

Asked to explain the type of 'political shock' in the offing after Vesak the source said 'It is too early to disclose it... all I can say right now is that the President and the Prime Minister have agreed to take that decision'.

President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are now busy bolstering their political parties even as they discussed several important decisions which should be taken during the first week of May, in talks held prior to the President leaving for Beijing last week.

Sources said Parliament will not be dissolved on 23 April as pledged in the 100-day programme, but did not rule out the possibility of dissolving parliament at a later date.

They said the President and the Prime Minister were keen about strengthening the parliamentary system and the national government concept to resolve key issues which confront the country.

The President and Prime Minister have also discussed several key issues regarding electoral reforms but have not taken a finite decision on what electoral pattern the next general election will be conducted on. 'They are yet to decide on whether to hold it under the present PR system or a mixed system as proposed' the sources said.

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