Re-imposed taboo on politicos dismays hopefuls.

There were 28 hopefuls set to enter the fray for Maha Nilame office of the main Devalaya in the Deep South. Certain interested parties in Moneragala were already thick in the battle on behalf of a political heavyweight from the district. This runner had the blessings of certain Buddhist prelates as well. 

Then came as a bolt from the blue an announcement from the Buddha Sasana authorities that the original taboo for holders of political office to seek Nilame post is back in force. And this upset the apple cart of the Moneragala campaigners. Meanwhile, a rumour says that revalidating the original taboo was a move to prevent a certain Bandara from making a successful bid for the Nilame post. This Bandara hailing from Moneragala is said to be a Saji loyalist.  

The concerned ones had later taken the issue to the authority at Cabinet level and the latter had told them that they re-introduced the taboo by way of delivering on an election promise. But the disappointed ones say that no such promise was held out during the last big poll campaign.

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