Sri Lanka is to work with friends.

Sri Lanka as a maritime nation with natural ecological advantages will work in tandem with friendly countries to maintain cooperation in the maritime age, President Maithripala Sirisena said yesterday.

Speaking at the Boao Forum for Asia 2015 held in China today, the President noted that Sri Lanka is currently identified as a country with relatively high growth among emerging market economies.

“The country’s growth in per capita terms in recent years is comparable to middle income economy levels. We are hopeful that our FTA with china, currently under negation, will provide further inputs for value addition and economic cooperation in the region. Our inbound tourism from China has increased significantly, and Asian countries rank among the top investors in Sri Lanka. This important forum can play a significant role to achieve our collective vision of an Asian community of common destiny,” he said.

The President also told the Forum that his government is implementing an ambitious hundred day programme, inclusion of constitutional reforms to usher in a new political culture, as well as achieving lasting national reconciliation among all communities.

He said the people of Sri Lanka on the 8th of January gave me an overwhelming mandate to take the country on a path of progress, as nation welcoming a new dawn of democracy, good governance, the rule of law and equal opportunities for all.

The President also said that Sri Lanka is committed to cooperation and collective action within the community of Asian nations. 

(Colombo Gazette)

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