Court wants CID Report on Sajin's Case probes.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya ordered the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) yesterday to expedite investigations into the case against Parliamentarian Sajin de Vaas Gunawardena who is accused of earning money through improper channels and having purchased houses, lands, vehicles and aircraft using those monies. The CID had launched investigations under the Money Laundering Act according to a complaint filed against the parliamentarian by the Convener of the Anti-Corruption Campaign Wasantha Samarasinghe to the effect that MP Sajin de Vaas Gunawardena had purchased houses, lands, vehicles and aircraft using money earned illegally through improper channels.

The CID submitting a report to Court sought an order to be issued to the Commissioner General of the Inland Revenue Department calling for relevant details of 21 private organizations connected with this investigation.

The Chief Magistrate who considered this request, ordered the Inland Revenue Department to provide a report as to whether the 21 relevant private companies were maintaining files in connection with payment of taxes.

The Chief Magistrate ordered the CID to submit a report to Court subsequent to completion of the relevant investigations into this particular incident.

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