Fashion show for a cause by Elizabeth Moir school. (Photos)

The prefects of the Elizabeth Moir Senior School will be hosting a fundraiser in the form of a fashion show. The aim is to raise funds to provide Design and Art material for the less fortunate youth in rural Sri Lanka through the Foundation of Goodness.

What motivated this project was the realisation that, although students from privileged backgrounds have a plethora of opportunities to pursue IMG_1202their interests in the field of Design, many others from disadvantaged communities do not.

The fundraiser aims to change, this by providing the rural youth of Sri Lanka a chance to gain some exposure to this field and so gain an opportunity to pursue their artistic passions.

The fashion show, which will be held on the 25th of April at Park Street Mews, is a collaboration with local designers like Ramona Pulle, Latika Alok, Sonali Dharmasekara and those from Salvage, Sri Lanka.

These well-known designers will display highlights of their recent lines alongside the designs of the students of the school. The event will also feature song and dance performances by some of the school’s extremely talented students.

The funds raised at the fashion show will go towards the organising of workshops for the rural youth.

The prefects of Elizabeth Moir School look forward to being actively involved in these workshops and share their own passions with their peers from other parts of the country.

Tickets are priced at Rs 500 and will be sold from the 8th of April at both Park Street Mews and the Elizabeth Moir Senior School reception. For more information, please call (011) 251 2109.

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