Red label to identify drinks with excessive sugar content.

The Health and Indigenos Medicine Ministry will introduce a special red label, on bottled drinks which have excessive sugar content.

Manufacturers and importers should display a red label if the sugar content of the drink is over 11 grams per 100 ML's, Health Services Director General Dr. Palitha Mahipala said.

According to Dr. Mahipala, all locally produced and imported bottled drinks such as soft drinks, fruit drinks etc should display the red label when the sugar content exceeds 11 grams in 100 M.L. The rule will be introduced by the ministry soon.

Dr. Mahipala pointed out that the public can reach the Food Unit of the Health and Indigenous Medicine Ministry on 0112368813 to complain about unhygienic food. Once a complaint is made, PHIs and MOHs will be sent to conduct instant raids to detect such food outlets.

Dr. Mahipala requested the public to purchase fruits rather than artificial sweets and sugar added food items such as cakes when buying gifts for friends and relatives during the festive season.

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