Sonakshi's delicious lover.

Sonakshi Sinha, a leading lady in Bollywood, recently said that she had a delicious long time lover at College. Sonakshi studied Fashion Designing at Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University.

According to her, the longest relationship she had, while she was in College is, with none other than Schezwan noodles. "I ate Schezwan noodles for lunch every day," she said in an interview to Vogue India May 2015.

Sonakshi may have the face of a pinup, but she has also faced the same challenges as her fans — a body-shaming past that she has confidently left behind. "I've been on the other side of the weighing scale — I've been overweight (90-plus kilos) — and I know how hard it was to get where I am today," she said. 


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