SLFP asks for important portfolios.

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is dismayed over the nature of Cabinet portfolios offered to its members during initial discussions in the proposed national unity government, and discussions are underway to sort them out, it is learnt.

Especially, SLFP believes it has been offered less powerful portfolios in the Cabinet. The party demands key posts. According to political sources, SLFP is seeking portfolios such as Finance, and Power and Energy and Samurdhi Development.

Discussions were in progress to sort out the matters yesterday, but the process was not finalized. However, it is learnt that at least a few chosen for posts will be sworn in as Cabinet Ministers tomorrow , and the rest will follow.

Altogether, it has been decided to appoint over 50 as Cabinet Ministers representing the main parties in the unity government. Also, over 40 deputy and state ministers will take oath this time.

According to political sources, SLFP demands at least a few influential ministerial posts to its members. 

(Kelum Bandara)

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