AG’s department hits back over allegations

The Attorney General’s Department today hit back at several allegations being raised against Attorney General Yuvanjana Wijayatilake.

Deputy Solicitor General Sobhitha Rajakaruna said that there had been instances where the Court says AG advice has been sought in relation to some key cases but in reality the documents pertaining to those cases have not been received.

Rajakaruna said that, who will retire from service in January, had met the chief prelates in Kandy today and cleared the air on the concerns raised against his department.

“There is no delay on our part because we have not received the documents over some cases mentioned,” he said.

Rajakaruna said that fingers are being pointed at the Attorney General’s Department over cases which do not involve the AG Department.

With regards to the Avant Garde investigations, Rajakaruna insisted that the Attorney General has under no circumstances issued instructions to withdraw the case or suspend the investigations.

Rajakaruna said that the Attorney General has only noted that based on evidence before his office, there is no basis to file criminal proceedings under the firearms ordinance.

He said the Attorney General had also issued instructions to investigate possible corruption involving Avant Garde and to file documents with the Bribery and Corruption Commission.

“We clearly reject the allegations on the Attorney General and the Attorney General’s Department in this regard,” he said.

He also said that the Attorney General has not taken any decisions on his own but after having discussions with his officials and by looking into the facts before him. 

(Colombo Gazette)

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