Pilot Ranil Wickramasinghe Diverts Mihin Lanka’s Seychelles Flight To Madagascar

Pilot Ranil Wickramasinghe diverted Mihin Lanka‘s Seychelles flight MJ 707 to Nosy Be in Madagascar due to unsafe weather experienced on his approach to the indian ocean island yesterday.

MihinThe Airbus A 319 aircraft operated by Mihin Lanka was initially instructed by the Air Traffic Controllers to circle for an hour with the hope of the weather clearing in order to permit the aircraft to land.

Mihin Lanka’s Capt. Ranil Wickramasinghe sensing that he was running out of fuel then decided to proceed to the alternate airport situated in the north of Madagascar, which was a further two hours away.

The aircraft eventually made its way back to Seychelles an hour after being on ground in Nosy Be.

However with the pilots and crew exceeding their flight time duty limitations the aircraft and crew had to be parked on ground in Seychelles for 12 hours in order to provide the pilots and crew adequate rest.

Mihin Lanka’s flight operated to Seychelles has been widely broadcast in the news recently for operating a series of illegal flights during the course of last year.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has currently requested the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka to investigate a petition sent in directly to them regarding this serious alleged violation.

The complainant Capt. Charles Sirimanne Mihin Lanka’s former Manager Flight / Ground Safety highlighted these violations to the airline and also the the CAA of Sri Lanka.

Despite doing the correct thing Capt. Sirimanne was shockingly terminated by Capt. Pujitha Jayakody the now also removed former Head of Flight Operations Mihin Lanka.

Capt. Jayakody went on to further cripple Capt. Sirimanne’s profession,but more importantly tarnish the opportunity of seeking employment with another airline, when he produced a sworn affidavit to the supreme court stating that the terminated pilot was sabotaging the airline’s operation.

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