Romantic escapade ends in a narrow escape - Gossip

A story doing the rounds in political circles these days tells how a young purohita who was having a tryst with the comely better half of a senior one of his tribe at the latter’s residence had escaped from being caught red-handed in the nick of time.   

As soon as the senior purohita left his residence in his home town for Colombo, his wife had informed her lover that the coast was clear for him to visit her. And the young purohita had lost no time in rushing into the arms of his ladylove.  

The couple making love did not feel the passage of time and they had suddenly come down to earth from their ecstatic state when the young purohita got a telephone call warning that the senior one was on his way home. The senior purohita had reached home just as his junior slipped away making a hair-breath escape. 

Soon after arrival, he had made inquiries from the domestic aides whether there were visitors during his absence and they had all replied in the negative. However, the suspicious purohita had given his wife a tongue lashing, they say.

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