Sri Lankan Group 'Selectro' To Perform At Tomorrowland International Music Festival

Two Sri Lankan artistes have been selected to perform at the Tomorrowland International Music Festival, one of the biggest electric music festivals in the world.

The group Selectro, composed of Gerard and Dilshan (DJ Dilu), have received this coveted opportunity.

They are the first artistes from Sri Lanka and only the second group from South Asia to have taken part in the festival in its entire history from its inception in 2005.

The group started in 2007 with Gerard and another friend, Niro, as members. Niro passed away under tragic circumstances sometime after the creation of the group. Thereafter Dilshan stepped in.

The two band members studied in different schools but live in the same area, and have been friends from a very young age.

'Selectro' has tracks of their own and has even done collaborative work with foreign performers.

Selectro group will leave for Belgium on July 20 and perform at the Tomorrowland festival on the 22. The festival is likely to attract around a million spectators this year.

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