'I was 27 and couldn’t wear a pair of shorts'

Guess what makes Parineeti Chopra so happy about her new fit avatar? The fact that she can wear shorts and sleeveless owing to her weight loss.

At the launch of her special item number from the movie Dishoom, Parineeti said the one-year self imposed sabbatical has done her a world of good as she utilised the time to work on her body.

“I wanted to work on my body. I was 27-year-old and couldn't wear a pair of shorts . I wanted to wear better clothes and not be worried about anything. So this one-year break was really amazing. I can wear shorts and sleeveless now.”

Talking about being away from the silver screen for almost a year, Parineeti said,”The way I entered the industry, I did four films back-to-back and I was very used to seeing myself. But I am not really that filmy a person like others. I come from a very different discipline and have lived my life in a very different way. So I myself needed that emotional break. I know it sounds stupid that I needed a break but I needed to settle down.”

For the moment, Parineeti is raring to go in her second innings. “Bollywood was a different world for me. I come from the world of banking and academics and to be just in front of cameras all the time and have that pressure was a new thing. I was always happy outside but inside I felt like I had to sort some things out which I have now. Now I have the kind of concentration that one needs to focus on work.”

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