New Delhi Judge Summons SriLankan Airlines Authorities For Sexual Harassment Case

Authorities of SriLankan Airlines have been summoned to appear in the Metropolitan Court of New Delhi India on the 12th of August 2016 for the alleged internal sexual harassment of one of its Indian national female employees.

Summons for this purpose was addressed to CEO SriLankan Airlines Capt. Suren Ratwatte and served by New Delhi Metropolitan Magistrate judge Dr. Pankaj Sharma of 23, Patiala House Court New Delhi.

SriLankan Airlines - summons sexual harrassment New DelhiThis case was initially scheduled to he heard on the 13th July 2016.

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph the prosecuting lawyer Ajay Varma confirmed that the summons had been emailed to CEO Capt. Ratwatte.

“My client is fighting for justice and now the airline is in contempt of court for non payment of victim’s salary. This is despite the termination which was another method of harassment. As per laws of India when a victim raises a complaint of sexual harassment she cannot be transferred. Rather the perpetrator should be transferred. In the present case the airline first transferred the victim to Kochi and then to Bangalore. The airline is also in danger of failure to implement prevention of sexual harassment laws of India. My client served this airline diligently for 13 years up until this point” lawyer Vama said.

The incident dating back to 2011 is where an Indian national female employee of the national carrier alleged that her SriLankan Airlines Regional Manager had sexually harassed her.

However upon further complaining to the SriLankan Airline’s authorities she was informed that an internal investigation would take place. Subsequently there was neither an investigation nor a verdict into the matter.

She was subsequently fired.

The Delhi court Judge Pankaj Sharma who viewed her case found sufficient information to summon the authorities of the airline. The court document stated “Upon going through the entire material on record, this court is if considered view that prima facie sufficient grounds exists to proceed against accused for offence under section 26 of the sexual harassment of women in the work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.

Currently there are three cases running concurrently due to this incident with one of the cases being a criminal charge.

The name of Indian national female SriLankan Airlines employee has been with held to protect her identity.

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