Come On Handunnetti - Why Did you Leave the meeting?

It has been reported on several media that the COPE chairman Sunil Handunetti had left the COPE meeting which was held yesterday ,citing that the UNP members of the COPE are not listening to him .He blamed the UNP members and the other members who were against the JVP's so called verdict that they scolded the auditor general. 

However the truth has transpired .It was a sheer demonstration of JVP's naive political acumen .JVP is  not aware that they are being taken on another political ride and the pubic will not buy their  radical political crusades  as they do not seem genuine anymore.

The latest lame duck excuse of Sunil handunetti(MP) that the auditor general was told off which was the reason for him to walk away has been challenged as the AG has denied any incident of he being scolded.

The COPE chair and the JVPers have seemingly forgotten that the COPE can  not punish anyone instead they are only mandated to give recommendations.Alas!!! they must be thinking that sit on a trail at bar or on a full bench  in a court of law.

The JVP members shamelessly leaked their draft report thinking  that they would emerge champions  ,but it has only revealed their nakedness .Some of the critics who appeared to be pro JVP have now realized that the content of the JVP masterminded report is factually wrong and full of technical errors  which will come to light within the next few days.

one such recommendation of the JVP that the public debt should be furnished by using government held captive funds at low rates is a complete U turn from their stance of protecting the working class people's savings such as EPF & ETF funds from being used for government debts  at low rates .In other words , Now they recommend that the government should use the retirement benefits of the poor working class at rates which are much below the market rates, the net result of which is that the funds such as EPF & ETF will earn lesser interest income which will dwindle the earnigns of the working class for whom the JVP is appearing.

Finally what the JVP do  not understand is that they are set to once again being taken on a political ride .Hence their dream of becoming the second force at the fall of the SLFP and fixing the UNP is very much remote as the educated public will fight against diabolical motives.

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