Arjun Aloysius demands 05 billion each from MTV ( Sirasa) and Wijaya News Papers

Young businessman who has been in the center of the controversial bond fiasco  has resorted to send letters of demand to MTV  channels pvt ltd (Sirasa) and Wijaya news papers for tarnishing his reputation using inaccurate and unclarified  facts .

Arjun Aloysius has demanded five billion each from MTV -Sirasa for making defamatory statements on a morning talk show called "Pathikada"  aired on 11th Oct at 6 a m  and Wijaya News paper's Daily FT for publishing an article on 10th Oct . Further He has demanded 5 billion each from Two Tv presenters who have deliberately used the Sirasa air time to slander Arjun Alyosius namely Bandula Jayasekara and Faraz Shauketaly .

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