'Chairman of SLC should be dismissed'

Former Test cricket captain Arjuna Ranathunga stated Chairman of SLC should be dismissed due to losing matches, continuously. He stressed out that right people should be appointed to the cricket administration to win future cricket matches. He made this statement responding to journalists after the cabinet meeting, today (15).

“This time is worst for the cricket. During Two years, I have been saying that this would happen when administration of cricket in hands of the improper people. We can’t blame only for cricketers for losing matches. They have been mentally down. We should make their mental status while enlighten them the importance of the cricket culture. We should also refer the cricket practices. But we can’t expect these while gamblers joined in cricket.

Chairman of SLC said Ravi Karunanayake should be resigned from his ministerial post. Cricket matches are defeating because of weak cricket administration. Minister of Sports ought to change the cricket administration by handing over it to the hands of right people. If not, cricket will be worsening in the future. During this government, two ministers have resigned because of allegations, without charging as perpetrators. It has already proved that cricket was degraded. Therefore, he’s not suitable to hold the position of chairman of SLC.

“Neither administration nor selection committee have a backbone. We should take proper decisions rather than relying on popular decisions, as they wanted. Our government even took popular decisions. I criticize the government while being a minister. We are able to criticize the government , we don’t need leave the government to criticize it. Because this government was created by us, but by gamblers. We should aware to inform the president and the PM if anything wrong happens. If not we have to inform to the public” Minister Arjuna Ranathunga said further. Answers given by the Minister Arjuna Ranathunga while responding to journalists are below.          

Is there any power to turn this situation, like this?

No. This is belonged to rich people. I couldn’t win when I took part in several elections. Those businessmen spent their money to elections on behalf of several ministers and caring them. Cricket was degraded due to this situation. I’m responsible to say that this unfortunate plight was happened during Yahapalanaya government.

You are a powerful minister. Why don’t inform this to the President and the PM?

I already informed the President and PM about this. I expect to send a decisive letter to the President and PM in upcoming weeks. We can’t go forward like this. Cricket is a gambling when gamblers enter in to cricket. I don’t mind losing matches, but we should identify what has caused them to defeat the matches. No inquiry made in to find out the match fixing which held between two cricket clubs. Ministry of Sports should have a backbone. Apart from that, it was reported that unnecessary people were in the cricketer’s rest room during the Zimbabwe series. They should be making an inquiry regarding to this, without talking about Cricketer’s fat bellies. This government contributed to degrade cricket.

It means Cricket is a gambling?

When crab is moving sideways, they can’t lead their children to go straight. Gambling is entering in to   lower positions from the superior administration. There was a match fixing in Cricket clubs. Sri Lanka would be able to win against Zimbabwe out of 70%. We should find out how when Zimbabwe team won who was in 30%. It’s useless to blame cricketers, since they are helpless. Changing of coaches caused to best coaches to travel abroad. Before the visit to England, Allan Donald was summoned and removed our person. Authorities of the SLC who dressed in tie and coat are willing to show off to the people before the media. I regret about the devastation consequences about this.   

There’s a rumor that superiors of the administration are intentionally fixing matches, expecting to enter in to International cricket administration. Is there such a situation?

I never wonder about it, if such situation is existed. Because they’re gamblers. Gamblers are earning money by running betting agencies. As an example, what sort of ground did we use to play in this series? We should play in grounds, which are favorable to us, not to India. We should play in pitches which are favorable to us, not to them.

Every series is losing. Is there any short term solutions?

 Earlier, People were fond of cricket and saved cricketers, since they played well. We have to administer them properly while maintaining their mental status. They should identify to importance of playing cricket for the country, but not playing only for money as gamblers. Businessmen are unable to recognize the difficulty of building up cricket, as we did. Cricket administration making decisions in Air conditioned rooms, they don’t mind devastation of cricket. By this, they won’t have any loss, but loss is for the country and the viewers.            

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