Deeply Moved Buddhist Monk Invokes Blessings on Jaffna High Court Judge

In what could be considered as a very genuine gesture of deep empathy for others and a symbol of appreciation for the concerns, displayed publicly by the Jaffna High Court Judge when his escorting Police Sergeant, Sarath Hemachandra, was gunned down recently in Jaffna, the deeply-touched soldier-turned Buddhist monk at Buddangala monastery, Ven Buddangala Ananda Nayake Thero met the Jaffna-based High Court Judge, Mr Manikkawasagar Illanchellan at the Court complex on Tuesday (8), lauded his magnanimous example and invoked religious blessings on him after extending his warm wishes in a special memoir, handed to him.  

Moved by the sentiments that surrounded the recent tragic death of the Police Officer and also the great empathy subsequently, shown by the High Court Judge Mr Illanchellan, the Buddhist monk, Ven Ananda Nayake Thero, sought the assistance of the Commander of the Army to meet the High Court Judge physically through the Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna (SFHQ-J) with the objective of extending his gratitude and appreciation to him. 

On the instructions of Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army, Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, Commander, Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J) accordingly facilitated the visit of the Buddhist monk to Jaffna in consultation with the High Court Judge. The meeting between both of them, took place on Tuesday (8) at the Court complex.

Ven Ananda Thero highly appreciated the concerns of the judge in question had shown to the bereaved family and the follow-up action he undertook afterwards on behalf of the well-being of the victim’s two children. He also told the judge that the human passions do not see any ethnic borders, nor could anything stop such emotions whatever the caste, race or the creed one belonged to.          

Ven Ananda Nayake Thero, in the memoir, delivered to the High Court Judge at the same time, commended him saying that the ‘Tears of Immense Gratitude Genuinely Expressed in Front of a Sister of His’ and lauded the judge’s human touch as an ‘Incomparable Lesson Conveyed to All Countrymen, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims’ since human tears, feelings, emotions, love and compassion, air, water, earth and the Sun have never recognized anyone’s ‘race’.

During the cordial interaction, the visiting monk presented a Buddha statue to the judge and blessed him by tying a ‘Seth Pirith’ thread on his wrist. The monk also invoked blessings on his longevity and well-being and thanked him for all what he has been performing for the bereaved family.  

The judge in turn told the monk that he was deeply affected by the tragic loss of his security officer who had served him for so many years, and is prepared to take care of the deceased’s children for the rest of their lives. He also pointed out to the monk that renovation and rebuilding of the late Police Sergeant’s house had already commenced with his financial support. He also disclosed that all his overseas comrades, deeply touched by the tragedy, had so far sent him more than Rs 2 million for the welfare of the Sergeant’s family.

Before Ven Ananda Thero’s departure, he wished this rare gesture of goodwill between both communities would prevail, thrive further and serve an eye-opener to all Sri Lankans.

Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, Commander, SF-J was also associated with the meeting at the Court complex.

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