Mangala’s budget - ‘decreasing, increasing: increasing, decreasing’

Minister of Finance and Mass Media - Mangala Samaraweera will present Budget 2018 to parliament tomorrow (09).

This is the 71st budget of Sri Lanka and the third presented under the good governance government.

Finance ministry sources say that Budget 2018 would seek strategies to overcome financial trouble faced by the public.

The sources add that Budget 2018 could be expected to address a number of issues including overcoming the massive debt burden, narrowing the budget deficit, increasing employment, supplementing the income of the public as well as increasing state revenue through the introduction of new taxes.

Meanwhile, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday (07) said that special security measures would be in parliament for the presentation of Budget 2018.

The budget debate begins on November 10th and ends on the 16th with the vote-taking at 5.00 pm on that day.

Vote on the third reading of the budget takes place at 5.00 pm on December 09.

During a meeting with Samaraweera yesterday, web journalists sought a hint from him about what could be expected from the budget, and he replied ‘decreasing, increasing: increasing, decreasing.’

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