Reason why Mahinda wants the UNP in power

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said former President Mahinda Rajapaksa wants the UNP to remain in power until Namal becomes the leader of the flower bud party.

“Except for Namal, no one else in the party would be allowed to become its leader, even though they may be preparing for it. No matter how much they try, even Basil nor Gotabhaya would be allowed to take leadership as Mahinda would not allow it,” Ranawaka said.

He said this during the propaganda campaign of the UNP candidate for the Boralesgamuwa Predeshiya Sabha Bandula Chandrasekara.

Minister Patali Champika further stated:

Reasons for Mahinda’s laughter!

“I saw Mahinda laughing at the flower bud party’s inaugural ceremony. He was laughing at those who were suited up in anticipation to take up the party’s leadership, as he knows for certain that they will never be allowed to become its leader.

Mahinda wants Namal baby to become its leader some day and he wants to keep this UNP regime until such time. In fact Mahinda thinks of nothing beyond Namal’s political future. 
Therefore, I would like to tell my old friends who are waiting for their change, not to be fooled. I urge them to help end family politics and join us to build a political force that would empower the country’s future generation.

Its high time we stopped sacrificing the country’s future for the benefit of just one family,” he noted.

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